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BIAFF 2014 Industry Meetings


“BIAFF Industry Meetings” was  launched in 2011  as part of festival, in cooperation with Georgian National Film Center. The major goal of this meetings is to provide local cinema industry representatives  the opportunity to network with invited producers, various film funds, get information about possible financing options, co-production opportunities etc.  This in its turn can result to development of new film projects in future, including co-productions.

In 2011 - there was presented European Film Academy, H. Balls Fund Rotterdam Film Festival, EAVE, A. Wajda Film School etc.  It was arranged producers’ panel with participation of Polish, Turkish  and Georgian producers. Within the BIAFF 2011 industry events framework was arranged roundtable meeting to promote the idea of establishment  local “Film Commission” /”Film Fund” and its importance for popularization of city as shooting location, facilitate cinema industry development in regions of Georgia etc. Invited expert from London, Mr. Jonathan Olsberg (CEO of Olsberg/SPI –  provided the presentation on this issue, followed by discussions.

During  BIAFF 2012 “BIAFF INDUSTRY MEETING” - “Polish-Georgian” and “Turkish-Georgian” meetings with attendance of producers/directors from Poland and Turkey was arranged.

In 2013 as part of BIAFF Industry Meetings several events were organized –  1) Georgian-Turkish Co-production Panel  - participants include  the representatives of Georgian National Film Center (GNFC), Istanbul International Film Festival, Ministry of Education, Culture and sports of autonomous republic of Adjara (presenting “Regional Film fund of Adjara”), Ministry of Culture of Turkey  etc.  Further cooperation details were discussed.  2)  MICROSCHOOL INTERNATIONAL GEORGIA – in cooperation with “Film London” at BIAFF festival was held intensive workshop for Georgian film makers and producers by invited trainers from UK.


BIAFF festival continues the BIAFF industry meeting series and in 2014 following activities are planned:


-       Roundtable “Regional Film Fund – Perspectives of Ajara region” - roundtable will be attended by  Ministry of Culture of Ajara AR, Georgian National Film Center, local government bodies, film industry representatives (Georgian and international), regional film fund of Silesia region (Poland).  At event will be provided detailed information  about special Program of Ministry of Culture of Ajara AR  “supporting  the development of cinema sector”,  by invited guests will be presented overview of regional film funds concepts, the benefits it brings to region and success stories from other countries. Speakers include – representative of Ministry of Culture of Ajara AR,  Film Fund of Silesia region (Poland),  Sofia International film Festival’s Industry Meetings etc.

The major goal of meeting is to highlight the importance of regional film fund formation for Ajara region and to get feedback from cinema industry about  further perspetives and action steps needed in this direction.

-       Presentation of long-term concept of BIAFF industry platform development – BIAFF film festival and its partners (Team of Georgian producers) will present the outline of development co-production meetings platform in the framework of BIAFF film festival – concept outline, further action steps and potential partners.




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