Industry Platform ALTERNATIVE WAVE

BIAFF Industry Platform - "Alternative Wave 2016"

In 2016, BIAFF Film Festival industry platform will be presented by "Alternative Wave", which is supported by the National Film Center of Georgia.

The main focus of  the "Alternative Wave 2016" is to develop the low budget feature film projects with the support of foreign and local experienced film industry specialists. Selected participants will have the opportunity to develop projects in the following areas – script, presentations, funding strategy, film production strategy, distribution and marketing strategy.

There are selected the following low-budget feature film projects for the Alternative Wave 2016”:


1. "The runner'' – Script writer and film director Papuna Mosidze.

2. "September" – Script writer and film director Tamta Gabrichidze.

3. "Destiny" – script writer - Mikho Mosulishvili, film director - Kote Chlaidze, Producer - Lali Kiknavelidze.

4. "Inga" - screenplay - Zaza Koshkadze/Mary Bekauri, film director - George Gogichaishvili, David Abramishvili, producer - Gega Khmaladze.

5. “Flight London-Shenako" – Script writer and film director - Beso Solomonashvili, producer – Irakli Solomonashvili.

6. "Gaumarjos" – script writer, director and producer George Varsimashvili.

7. "The pig" - writer, director and producer Giga Liklikadze.

8. "Time" – Script writer and film director Anna Sarukhanova, producer - Jana Sardlishvili.

9. "The Rejected"  - the invited project; Script writer and film director George Pipinashvili.


Experts: Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos (script doctor), Konstantin Mindia Esadze (DOP), Dito Tsintsadze (Film Director), Gela Babluani (Film Director), Peter Rommel (Producer).

The authors of the project will meet with Alexander Mindadze (film director, Russia), Liza Antonova (producer, Russia)

Moderators: Tinatin Kajrishvili, Lasha Khalvashi

Organizers: Tinatin Kajrishvili, Lasha Khalvashi, Zviad Eliziani

The Meetings will be attended by representitives of the film industry and invited TV producers. "Alternative Wave 2016" will be held during 21-25 September in Batumi. Free public lectures will be held for students and for other representatives of the film industry. The location of “Alternative Wave” will be the conference hall of the Hotel "DIVAN SUITES Batumi".

In 2015, "Alternative Wave" was held for the first time at Batumi Art-house International Film Festival. There were 7 projects participating that time (Georgia, France, Turkey, Serbia). Different workshops and masterclasses were conducted for the participants. The invited trainers were: Paul Tyler, Arne Ludwig, Duygu Targan, Helen Yanovsky, Tobias pauzingeri, Gulin Ustun, Sigfrid, etc.













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