Industry Platform ALTERNATIVE WAVE

BIAFF industry platform -  ALTERNATIVE WAVE 2015



The first edition of Alternative Wave initiates the convention of young filmmakers with alternative financing, distribution, development strategies and new creative approaches.

The idea behind this first time event is, that many filmmakers do not have access to public funding or sources of financing and conventional distribution. While paradigms along the whole filmmaking and distribution process in the established film market are rapidly changing and the industry is trying to adapt, some filmmakers successfully created their own individual approach and scheme, be it forced by the lack of alternatives or by the pure ignorance of or disbelief in the standard practices. This forum wants to bring these filmmakers together to exchange ideas, practices and experiences by introducing and presenting not only the work they have done but also to talk and present future ideas. It is a lab to explore and to exchange. Also it is a place to learn from mistakes and fail.

The event will take place in the week between the 15th and the 19th of September in Batumi/ Georgia on the Black Sea.

Filmmakers will introduce and discuss their project amongst each other within a group and together with professionals coming from the background of crowd-funding, story-development, (online) marketing, production, distribution and immersive media. Further, each project will be in focus of each professional, to hands-on discuss potential further story-development, new approaches, the potential funding capacity and marketing strategies. Case-studies and Master classes will enrich the schedule and will be open to all interested industry members.


Selected projects for Alternative Wave, Batumi Art-house International Film Festival industry platform:

  1. Nirvana, France - by Benoit Fouassier
  2. Help Maya, Georgia - by Tamta Gabrichidze
  3. Baloons, Georgia - by David Mirtskhulava
  4. Women Swimming Enguri, Georgia  - by Ana Bukia
  5. Translator In Paris, Serbia - by Iva Brder and Dunja Petrovich
  6. Welcome, Georgia - by Lika Daushvili
  7. Russian Tank, Turkey - by Eren Avnican and Beste Yamalioglu


Alternative Wave organizers and moderators: Tinatin Kajrishvili, Lasha Khalvashi, Zviad Eliziani, Tobias Pausinger, Gülin Üstün.


Tutors: Paul Tyler, Arne Ludwig, Duygu Tarhan, Tobias Pausinger, Gülin Üstün.

Case-studies by: Helen Yanovsky /Israel/ and Siegried /France/.


Alternative Wave is financed by BIAFF (Batumi Art-house International Film Festival), Ministry of Culture of Adjara and Georgian National Film Center.  Alternative Wave will take place at Leogrand Hotel (Batumi), official partner hotel of BIAFF festival. 




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BIAFF industry platform - ALTERNATIVE WAVE 2015

The first edition of Alternative Wave initiates the convention of young filmmakers...